Dr. Cheryl Hache Macdonald Chiropractic

Chiropractic provides a new outlook on life, by focus on salutogenesis, or well-being rather than focusing on factors that cause disease.  We are here to help you reach your full potential, to have a strong nervous system and feel well.  We support you in making the best decisions for your family and their health.
Family Wellness
Dr. Cheryl Macdonald DC
Dr. Cheryl is dedicated to bringing a service that goes above and beyond, to maximize the benefits of Chiropractic care.  Dr. Cheryl provides a gentle approach for pregnant women and newborns, as well as traditional Chiropractic manipulation when needed. 
Many people new to Chiropractic are not sure what to expect.  Browse here to understand a little more of what who we are and what we do.
Dr. Macdonald's educational background
- Practicing Chiropractic since 2012
- Currently specializing in Pediatric care
- Webster - prenatal - certified
- Here to serve your specific needs
Why pediatrics are so important to Dr. Cheryl:

We all start out as babies, develop, and grow into adults and deal with issues that may have started when we were as young as infants.  Chiropractic for infants has the amazing ability to correct issues before they become bigger issues.

My philosophy is to live to our fullest potential.  Chiropractic looks at the minute details of stress to the nervous system by looking at the cranium, the spine, the muscular structure.  By addressing the strain to our system, we allow the body to develop to its fullest potential.
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Dr. Cheryl Hache Macdonald
Starting out as a university student, Dr. Cheryl's passion was geared towards nutrition outside of the class more than the linguistics she was studying in class.  Never the less, she graduated with three degrees from her undergraduate school.
This passion led Dr. Cheryl down a path that connected her to the education that allowed her to understand the life force that each and every human being contains.  It is with this life force that she interprets the conditions that she treats, knowing that some can be treated naturally, and others need the help of medicine or other medical interventions.
" The spine houses the nervous system, keep it moving, that is life giving
Julie Solbak
Office Manager
Julie is the friendliest reception a person could ask for and trained in kinesiology.  Her experience with Chiropractic began when she started, but she has quickly learned that Chiropractic can help everyone decrease pain and achieve better health. 
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Dr. Natalie Price-Preston
Dr. Natalie Price-Preston has been in podiatry since 2003.  Her compassion for fixing feet and aligning people from the feet up gives her the advantage.  She is dedicated to bringing you the best service that Podiatry offers.
" Don't wait to take care of your feet, they serve you well if you treat them well